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The Writing Factory

who we are

Voltaire famously said, "Writing is the painting of the voice."

The writers at The Writing Factory write in your voice. If you're having trouble finding your voice, we can help with that, too.

To us, writing is like breathing.

Writing is thinking with feeling and expressing it in words.

Writing is building something out of words that will provoke someone else, or many others, to take an action that you want to happen.

If you need something written in any format – especially social media with impact – we are the ones to do it for you.

what we write

  • We write business, marketing and advertising strategies.
  • We write videos that have won very impressive awards. Many appear on websites. (We even do voice-over).
  • We write LinkedIn Summaries that stand out.
  • We write email campaigns.
  • We write speeches.
  • We write presentations.
  • We write advertising of all kinds.
  • We write articles.
  • We write web content that attracts visitors and brings them back for more.
  • We write social media brochures.
  • We write grants.
  • We write case studies.
  • We write book reviews and play reviews.
  • We write and edit whole books.

If you have something to write that you don't see on this list, ask us.
We probably write that, too.

testimonials & awards

"The Writing Factory has an exceptional ability to take a list of disjointed notes and create a compelling story with a strong point of view and emotional pull. The Writing Factory makes my job easier and my clients happy."


Anne Popolizio, Owner, Social Squib

"The Writing Factory makes words dance on the page or screen. Each marketing project begins with an objective, strategic message, support points, and a call to action. The results are always clear and effective, no matter how challenging or complex the subject matter."


Les Yeamans, Founder and Executive Editor,

"My team and I love working with The Writing Factory! Not only they make our job easier, they bring ideas to the table and take great care of our clients in a timely fashion. We would definitely recommend them."


Julbert Abraham, MBA, "The LinkedIn Guy", CEO of AGM

“Not only does The Writing Factory express in words what we are thinking, but in the act of doing so it clarifies our direction. Our pioneering position in the application of social media to investor relations in the challenging areas of biotech, alternative energy, blockchain technology and other cutting-edge technologies has greater impact because of The Writing Factory. On the tactical level, our posts written in consultation with The Writing Factory get many more views.”


Jeff Ramson, Founder & CEO, PCG Advisory

2014 Telly Awards

Top awards for a video and a video campaign in the category of computer and infromation technology.


Award-Winning Videos (writing + voiceover)

Sample web content

Most of the copy on this website was written and/or edited by The Writing Factory:

Sample Business Blogs

Business Blog: Merger & Acquisitions:

Business Blog: Investor Relations:

Business Blog: Franchise Advisor:

Business Blog: Alternative Energy:

Sample Business Articles

Sample Social Media Content

for a fundraising organization:

Sample Book Reviews with a Purpose:

contact us

Send us an email at or call us at 201-745-8036

We look forward to hearing from you.